Robins project is coming to an end: an interview with partner Frédéric Pons

Robins project partner

What was your work focused on in Robins project?
Open Cascade was in charge of the development of a software tool to manage data collected during surveys done by robots, and present these data in 3D to the users.

What are the main challenges you faced in this work and how did you overcome them?
The first challenge was to get requirements and write the specifications, because it was something new for all participants. We then had to face technical difficulties to adapt these specifications to the real environment, first with the quality of the 3D reconstruction because real conditions include presence of dust, poor lights, fast movement of cameras, and secondly to adapt the chosen architecture based on a remote server that requires a good internet connection which it not always available in the real environment.

What did you enjoy the most about working in an international Project Consortium such as ROBINS?
The most interesting part was the collaborative work with other companies, and also the participation to the test trials on real environment to observe how final users (ship inspectors) work and how the results of the ROBINS project can help them in the future.

What is going to happen after the project’s end in June 2021?
The experience in the ROBINS project will help us to extend our offer and make it suits better to the needs of our customers, especially for the use cases related to ship inspection.