Remote trials in the testing facility of UNIGE March and April 2021

The “remote tests” were conducted in the Testing Facility of University of Genova, using remote connection with partners and remote control of the platforms in compliance with the limitations due to ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The experiments were integrated by tests conducted in other laboratories managed by ROBINS partners.

The three different RAS of the project, two drones and one crawler, were successfully operated in the environmental conditions offered in the labs. 

New devices were set in the laboratory to carry out remote activities, such as audio-video systems to help the pilots driving without being in the same place of the robot and project participants to be remotely connected and to look at the ongoing trials.

As an important outcome, it has been confirmed that the “human factor”, i.e. supervision, judgement and personal experience, remains crucial in the inspection process, but the ability of RAS in reaching dangerous or difficult-to-reach places gives a significant boost to the
accuracy, safety and efficiency of inspection and provides added value.