Open Cascade

OPEN CASCADE SA is a subsidiary of Capgemini group and an expert in industrial 3D software solutions. OPEN CASCADE develops and maintains its own technology – an open source 3D software development platform Open CASCADE Technology (OCCT, and many additional commercial components in 3D modelling, visualisation, simulation and data exchange. Using its technology, OPEN CASCDE develops either specific 3D solutions (simulation environments, dedicated CAD tools, CAM and metrology software, etc.) for various industries such as nuclear engineering, shipbuilding, industrial machinery, etc. As well OPEN CASCADE helps companies in leveraging its existing 3D Digital Mock-ups by covering various upstream use cases in manufacturing, quality control, certification, sales/marketing support, maintenance and operation of products.

Relevant skills

Besides mastering the various technologies that are relevant in ROBINS project, OPEN CASCADE Company has a seventeen years’ experience in understanding the customers real needs and integrating various software components in order to build industrial software applications and open and flexible software platforms that fit to users expectations respecting deadlines and budget constraints.

Role in the project and main tasks

Open Cascade is leader of WP6 which is dedicated to the development of Software and data processing tools. It participates to WP1, WP2, WP3, WP4, WP5, WP7, WP9 providing the software tools for the integration of the all the robotic platforms. Additionally, it collaborates to WP10 and WP11 for dissemination, exploitation and management activities.